Take a look at our range of Belt Protection Units

CT Systems manufactures various belt protection units. The following pages will cover these product groups. The units come is two formats, one which is referred to as “Standalone” Units and the other is referred to as In-Systems units.

Standalone units are units which can be mounted to a conveyor which does not have a CT

Systems Head End Control Unit. Majority of these units have their own controllers which power up the device and offers time delays and status indication. These controller are user friendly. There are some units which work with a simple rotary switch and have a minimum of two change over contacts. These devices have their unique termination PCB.

In-System units have the same functionally as the Standalone units however the In-System units has their own identification card. The units are wired in line with the conveyor trip switch safe line which in turn are wired into the Head End Control unit.

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